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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Angry Badger review: WarCraft

What is Warcraft?

            The Orc’s world is dying and their only hope for survival is a dark magic gate that leads to the human realm of Azeroth. But once in Azeroth the chef of the Northern Orc tribe, Durotan, isn’t comfortable with exterminating the inhabitants of Azeroth. Back in Azeroth the King hears of the strange invading force that has so far crushed all who has opposed them. So the King calls for his strongest Knight Anduin Lothar, who also happens to be his brother-in-law, to help protect his kingdom from the Orc’s. Along the way they meet a wizard and half orc who both seem to be instrumental in protecting the people of Azeroth. Sadly, the humans are no match for the orcs, But when the Ord Chef Durotan comes to from an alliance with the humans things seem to change. But is it enough to stop the Dark Orc Lord Gul'dan?

Unbiased review: 

            Warcraft is a visually nice movie, and climatically wise the story is okay. It has very nice special effects. But still with all the magic and visual spender the movie seems to not dive too deep in any direction, we don’t explore Durotan’s life, we don’t explore the Knight Lothar’s life. But rather we are given small glimpses of each of their life’s making it hard to really connect to the characters. So is Warcraft the worst movie ever made? No. Is it the greatest movie ever made? No. It’s just one of those okay movies. Warcraft is rated PG-13 for sequences of intense fantasy violence
                    Things to consider before the movie

Magic: There is a lot of witchcraft in Warcraft. They do spell incantations and even draw magical symbols/demonic symbols. The main baddy uses magic to suck the life/soul out of people. He also uses magic to give people extra strength. There is a city of wizards and other magical elements to it.

Violence: Just as the name suggests this is movie with war in it so there is a moderate amount of violence, nothing to goory thought. Knights are seen being killed, people are seen getting run though with swords, people are seen getting the life sucked out of them (which makes them look all old, dead, boney). To protect her baby a mommy orc attacks another Orc’s neck with her teeth

Swearing: Surprisingly there was little no swearing in Warcraft. (I can't remember any swear words being used, but just in case I missed one)

Other Negatives: a joke is made about how a guy wants to “lie” with a human/orc and how he won’t survive it. When the main evil is seen it looks very demonic. Some of the girls show their midriff’s and/or cleavage. There are times where we see people drinking. Everyone puts their faith in a wizard.

Warning! Spoilers and Opinions lay Beyond! Enter at your own Risk

Biased review: 2 ½ Badger claws

            So before we get into my opinionated review of Warcraft I want to let those who haven’t watched it know that I will be spoiling some parts. Don’t worry I’ll wait for you to go…. HEY CHUCK! ARE THEY GONE…*waits for *... okay thanks Chuck. Let’s get into it.

         So what do I think of Warcraft? As I said in my unbiased review it’s okay. I wish that we could have had more of a story to it (since the story is poor and needs  some help). I really wanted to watch this movie when I first heard about it, I was like “Hey Look! Hulks everywhere!" and " Looks like the next installment of Narnia!”. I even joked that I was going to watch the next “Narnia” movie before seeing it. But sadly it wasn’t that great, it was okay. I do have some issues with it but I really liked the Orcs. I the movie was more about the Orc Durotan (he was a really cool Character). He was one of the best parts of the movie, he was not only a great chef but a great father and friend. He even sacrificed himself to try and show the other Orcs that Gul'dan (which was one of the evil Orc’s and was the man villain for most of the movie) was a chitter and a lire. Sadly that is about all that can be said about the 'goodness' of the movie. There is some major issues with Warcraft. Most of the movie relies on heavy magic, and that is something I don't like. At one point we see a very demonic thing poses this guys body. The movie revolves around a young wizard and a Knight (for lack of character I call him a paper knight) who don't seem very concerned that magic is the thing causing all the trouble. Instead they are like "magic is making this happen? well lets get MORE magic to stop this evil magic". Moreover the movie tries to make the theme  light magic vs. dark magic but fails to really make the evil, you know, EVIL since they are also using (more or less) the same 'bad' magic used as the 'good' light magic.  So even though the Orc Chef Durotan was a great part of the movie, and I wish I could like the movie more because of him, it just isn't that good. The visual of the movie are great.. but the rest of the movie is really left lacking. 

So what do you think? Think I hit it on the nail or did I miss the broad side of the barn? Let me know your opinion in the comments down below

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